ALG's Daily Grind - It is time to use debt ceiling to stop Obama IRS abuse


Feb. 11, 2014

It is time to use debt ceiling to stop Obama IRS abuse
Without the debt ceiling, House Republicans will be able to do nothing about pending IRS rules that are designed to eliminate tea party groups, while leaving Big Labor, trade associations, and groups like the Rockefeller Foundation unscathed. 

Cartoon: Heartfelt
CBO report: Obamacare takes aim at Americans' work ethic.

Infographic: North America sits on enormous natural gas reserves
This infographic from the Unconventional Oil & Gas Center highlights the growth of the natural gas sector of the last several years as well as potential for greatly expanded production in the future.

Woodhill: Unemployment data brutalize Krugman and Keynes
After long-term unemployment benefits after 27 weeks were allowed by Congress to lapse, "The total number of full-time-equivalent (FTE) jobs shot up by 678,000, for the biggest one-month gain since April 2000. The number of long-term unemployed (27 weeks or more) declined by 232,000, or 6 percent5, in a single month."