CEI Today: Obama regulations, union poster scam, and in-flight cell phone ban

Wednesday, February 12, 2014
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Obama Major Regulations 29 Percent Higher Than Bush

President George W. Bush averaged 63 major rules per year during his eight years in office; Obama’s five years so far have averaged 81. President Obama has talked about regulatory lookbacks and reducing regulation in his executive orders on the topic, but his major rulemakings average 29 percent higher than Bush. > Read more

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Workplacechoice.org: Unintended Consequences of Employee Rights Poster Rule

Both the National Labor Relations Board and Department of Labor have required various kinds of employers to hang a “poster” that promotes employees’ right to unionize. unintended consequences emerged in the form of fraud.

Instead of educating employers and employees of their rights, the posters rules have instigated scams in numerous states.
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House Committee to Markup Bill Banning In-Flight Cell Phone Calls Tomorrow

The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee on Tuesday approved the Prohibiting In-Flight Voice Communications on Mobile Wireless Devices Act (H.R. 3676). The bill would bar travelers from making cell phone calls on commercial flights—a response to the Federal Communications Commission’s recent proposal to relax its longstanding ban on in-flight cell phone use.
H.R. 3676 purports to solve a problem that doesn’t exist by depriving consumers of travel choices, as I explained recently in an op-ed in USA Today. > Read more

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