Guinta For Congress - Second Stop Of Frank Guinta's Listening Tour

Londonderry: Frank Guinta made the second stop of his healthcare listening tour yesterday, visiting with the residents and staff at the Londonderry Senior Center.

He heard directly from those whose greatest concern is often their health care and how their coverage has been affected by the passage and implementation of Obamacare.

Frank listened to their concerns and expressed his desire to ensure that Medicare and Social Security are protected for current beneficiaries and preserved for future generations.

Frank said, "Obamacare has caused a great amount of uncertainty among the very population needing certainty the most. Whether it's the botched roll-out or promises made continually being broken, there is little confidence there will be competent management of our health care system. I am committed to finding solutions that will decrease costs and increase access to affordable, quality health care. Our nation's seniors deserve nothing less"

This coming Monday Frank Guinta continues his tour with a stop at the Portsmouth Regional Hospital. Portsmouth Regional is one of the three hospitals in this District excluded from participating in the Obamacare Exchange.