NH House Republican Alliance: Statement on universal background checks

The House Republican Alliance commented on the defeat of HB1589 a bill designed to provide universal background checks for all gun purchases.

"This bill would not have done anything to prevent criminals who have illegally obtained weapons, from committing heinous crimes.  The only people this bill would have affected are the law abiding citizens of our state; make it harder and more expensive for people to purchase self-defense.  Existing New Hampshire laws already provide for background checks." stated Rep Pamela Tucker- Greenland.

"Today was a good day for law-abiding citizen gun owners in New Hampshire, as this unnecessary and superfluous legislation was retired to the dustbin of history.  Granite Staters can rest assured that there are some legislators in Concord who care about their rights, their privacy, and their freedoms," said Rep Dan Tamburello- Londonderry.