NHDP Responds To Dishonest RNC Ad

Concord - New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement after national Republicans launched a dishonest, deceitful and debunked web-video attacking New Hampshire's Senator Jeanne Shaheen:

"This dishonest ad is based on phony claims that were labeled false by the Washington Post and debunked by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.  Republicans are obsessed with re-fighting the health care battles of the past and want to take people back to the days where insurance companies can discriminate based on pre-existing conditions and kick people off their plans if they get sick, but New Hampshire can't afford their hyper-partisan approach.  Granite Staters aren't fooled by desperate and deceitful attacks, they know Jeanne Shaheen, and they know she always puts New Hampshire first, working for common sense solutions that make a difference for people here."

REPORT: “CBO Makes Clear That It Never Said 2.5 Million People Will Lose Their Jobs” Because Of The ACA. “The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office on Monday in its most direct way yet clarified its recent report on the impact ObamaCare will have on jobs. CBO makes clear that it never said 2.5 million people will lose their jobs, in the sense of being laid off, due to the law by 2024, but rather than workers would choose to leave the labor force. CBO Director Doug Elmendorf makes clear that CBO is instead estimating that there will be fewer hours worked by then, equivalent to 2.5 million full-time jobs, and those lost hours will be due to workers choosing not to work.” [The Hill, On the Money, 2/10/14]

FACTCHECK FALSE: Claim That Obamacare Will Kill More Than 2 Million Jobs Given “Three Pinocchios” In February 2014, the Washington Post’s The Fact Checker examined the claim that the ACA would kill more than 2 million jobs was given “Three Pinocchios” for “significant factual error and/or obvious contradictions.” They wrote: “Once again, we award Three Pinocchios to anyone who deliberately gets this wrong.” [Washington Post, The Fact Checker, 2/4/14]