NRSC - President Obama's Bounced Checks



President Obama’s legacy: Five years of writing bad checks.

In just five years under President Obama, we've racked up $6 trillion in new debt. It’s difficult to fathom that amount of money. And yet, in speech after speech, we continue to hear even more promises of new spending.

The Democrats seem content to spend without accountability. This will put the burden of paying back all of our debt on future generations – debt that will limit their options and restrain their quality of life. Senate Democrats have spent five years writing bad checks. We need to wrestle with the national debt NOW - not wait until it's too late, or until it becomes too big of a problem. The best way we will be able to get spending under control is to put more Republicans in the Senate.

We have recruited one of the best classes of candidates in a generation, but we need your help to get us over the finish line. The Democrats' primary focus is on keeping the Senate. They are pouring millions of dollars into negative ads to define our candidates early. We need your support to fight back!

Please stand with us by making a contribution today. Working together, we will rein in Washington’s reckless spending and build a better future for the next generation.

Please help us take the Senate majority. It's the only responsible way forward.

Senator Jeff Flake