Rubens For US Senate - Not Afraid to Tackle the Tough Issues

Hello ,

The system in Washington is broken and corrupt. Fixing it requires principles, courage, and bold new ideas. A business as usual, not invented here mindset will leave us trapped by spiraling debt and a stagnant economy.

As Larry Lessig says in this article (and Granny D would probably agree), Jim Rubens, is a rare Republican candidate for US Senate "not afraid to talk about real reforms that would actually address this corruption."

It is time to send someone to Washington who is serious about political reform. Here is my plan.

Fixing the system won't be easy, and I'll need your help. I am going up against millions of dollars in special interest money that is funding Senator Shaheen's campaign. This campaign relies on donations from supporters like you.

Please show your support today by donating $25, $50, $100, whatever amount you are able to up to the legal limit of $2,600 today. Your support will help send a message to Washington that the days of corruption and mismanagement are over, and you support a candidate who is not afraid to tackle these tough issues.


Jim Rubens