Testerman For US Senate - Shaheen -- Out of Touch with NH on Guns

CONCORD, NH - Karen Testerman, Republican candidate for the United States Senate, praised the Democrat-led New Hampshire House for their strong support for maintaining Second Amendment rights in the Live Free or Die state.

"The New Hampshire House represented their constituents well on the restrictive firearm legislation yesterday," Testerman said, "voting against extra regulations and hurdles to legal firearm ownership. The Second Amendment is a fundamental right, explicitly enumerated in our federal Constitution. We should not be making it more difficult to own a firearm legally.

 "Jeanne Shaheen's support for expanded background checks on the federal level shows she is out of touch with many New Hampshire residents and Democrats who believe in the Second Amendment.

"I applaud the work of groups fighting to bring the issue to light and rallying support for the protection of our rights."