Rubens For US Senate - Update from the Campaign Trail

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The Jim Rubens for US Senate campaign had a very busy week, including a two-day visit to the beautiful North Country.

The tour began in Lancaster on Monday with stops at Fuller's Sugarhouse, F.B. Spaulding Co., John Parks Tractor, Martin's Agway, North Country Ford, and Rideout's Motor Sales & Service.

Patti of Fuller's Sugarhouse              Colebrook Chronicle               Mary of Kheops International

The tour continued on Tuesday with breakfast at Spa in Colebrook, a stop at Brooks Chevrolet, an interview with the Colebrook Chronicle at their downtown Colebrook office, a stop in at the North Country Chamber of Commerce, a tour of Kheops International with Mary Gueymard, CFO, a tour of D+E Screw Products, Inc. with Dan and Rob Eldridge, a meeting at Indian Stream Health Clinic, and a tour of Upper Connecticut Valley Hospital with COO Charlie White.

The trip concluded with a great event hosted by the North Country Chamber of Commerce and Yvonne Nanansi, Jim Tibbetts and John Harrigan where I was able to speak and take questions from the crowd.

I would like to thank our gracious hosts of our North Country tour: Yvonne Nanansi, Jim Tibbetts, and John Harrigan. Our support in the North Country continues to grow. In addition to Yvonne, Jim, and John, we are happy to welcome former state senator Fred King as a supporter.

This week I was also interviewed by the Foster's Ed Board and Larry Lessig called me out as a rare Republican candidate for US Senate "not afraid to talk about real reforms that would actually address this corruption."

I am encouraged by the support I see as I travel throughout the state. If you would like to get more involved in the campaign, please visit our website. There are a lot of volunteer opportunities and now is a great time to get involved.


Jim Rubens