Shaheen For US Senate - Reality

Jeanne Shaheen

Dear Friends,

Would you sell your belongings to pay for gas to drive to a job interview? Can you imagine being forced to decide between eating breakfast or taking a critical medication? For far too many people today, this is not imaginary. This is reality.

Millions of unemployed people in New Hampshire and across our country are struggling just to get by because the unemployment insurance that helps THEM make ends meet has not been extended.

This is simply unacceptable.

Especially when Republicans in Congress could relieve the pain of millions right now by passing an extension of unemployment insurance. But instead of helping, congressional Republicans are obstructing.

Please join me, Governor Hassan and the Democratic Governors Association in demanding that Republicans in Congress pass an extension of unemployment insurance.

In New Hampshire alone, 1,100 people, including moms and dads, are going without money they depend on to feed their kids, pay for medicine and keep a roof above their heads. Across America, this number could climb to 4.5 million people.

This is why we are standing together to ask for your help to get this done. Granite State families cannot afford to wait any longer.

Add your voice: demand that Republicans in Congress end their obstructionism and pass an extension of unemployment insurance.