'223' NH Day of Resistance Rally


Sunday, February 23, 2014

Concord, NH – Noon til 2 pm

The assault on the 2nd Amendment rights of NH citizens has ramped up since we gathered in 2013.  Those who seek to restrict our rights wade through blood and climb on dead bodies to do so and have made it clear they have no intention of stopping until they have extinguished those rights.

The temporary stay won in the NH House two weeks ago is just that—temporary.  Once more, we will gather at the State House in Concord from Noon until 2 PM. However, this time it is not just meet our neighbors and listen to NH patriots but to develop a plan on how to stem the tide of continued government encroachment.

Father Christian Tutor, of All Saints Anglican Church of Concord, will give the Invocation and the Honorable Jane Cormier will perform the National Anthem.  Susan Olsen will be your master of ceremony.


On the platform will be:

Jeff Chidester, Host—NH Perspective

The Honorable JR Hoell

The Honorable Dan Itse

The Honorable Laura Jones

David ‘Skip’ Murphy, Granite Grok

The Honorable William O’Brien

The Honorable Emily Sandblade

Ian Underwood, Constitutional Activist


Like last year, this is a “Valley Forge” event and we will gather regardless of weather.  Join us, please.