Innis For Congress - Releases Plan To Get America Working Again

Part III of the Innis Agenda

Manchester, NH - Dan Innis, Republican candidate for Congress in New Hampshire's 1st congressional district, today released his specific plan to get America working again.

Dan announced the Innis Agenda for Jobs and the Economy in a Union Leader op-ed published today. To read Dan's op-ed please click here.

The entire plan may be downloaded from our website by clicking here.

The Innis Agenda for Jobs and the Economy will work in tandem with the already released Innis Agenda for Balancing the Budget and the Innis Agenda for Health Care, as well as the Innis Agendas for Education and Energy coming later this year.

Dan Innis said, "Politicians love to take credit for creating jobs, but never take responsibility for the job-killing big government policies that stifle American economic growth. The Innis Agenda for Jobs and the Economy will remove federal barriers to job creation, and allow American entrepreneurs to create the jobs we need."

The Innis Agenda for Jobs and the Economy draws upon Dan's experience as a small business owner and as head of the Business School at the University of New Hampshire.

Dan Innis continued, "Free market improvements to trade, transportation, and agriculture policy, as well as overdue regulatory and legal reforms will unleash the American economy. We build businesses one job at a time, and it's time for Congress to get out of the way so America can get back to work."

Dan's proposal includes support for the Keystone Pipeline, worker training for extended unemployment, fast track trade agreements, monetary restraint, tort reform, retirement security and transportation infrastructure reform.