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Senate Medicaid Expansion Plan Not Quite As Advertised

The Senate Medicaid Expansion Plan was released this week so we could all see the details and find out that the spin and the reality of the program are not quite the same.

Let’s start by dismissing the assertion that this program is somehow a unique New Hampshire approach. That just isn’t so. Iowa passed this same Medicaid expansion plan last May and a few states have had similar ideas in the interim. The New Hampshire version differs in slight ways, none of which make it better....Click here to keep reading


Medicaid Expansion is Bad Medicine for New Hampshire

The recently announced deal in the New Hampshire Senate of a “framework” to expand Medicaid is a bad deal for our state’s future. The fundamental problem is not just that the plan implements a key component of Obamacare here, but it continues to build on a profoundly flawed Medicaid program desperately in need of reform.

Medicaid, in its current form, is a bulky, inefficient program that hasn’t kept up with the times. It was created in 1964 and, like most government programs, simply hasn’t evolved as proficiently as other market-driven products. Other than Corvettes, pretty much everything we buy today is better and less expensive than the 1964 counterparts, but Medicaid’s basic identity hasn’t changed, and that’s a real problem...Click here to keep reading