Guinta For Congress - Obamacare's Devastating cuts to Medicare

Shea Porter Hides as Obamacare Hurts Granite State Seniors

Last Friday, the Obama Administration announced it was proposing to reduce payments to Medicare Advantage by up to 3.55% in 2015. This cut is required by Obamacare, which, in order to pay for itself, cut $200 billion from Medicare Advantage over 10 years.

Frank Guinta released the following statement :

“Not a day goes by that Granite Staters don’t open their newspaper to find new horrors wrought by Obamacare. This time it’s New Hampshire's middle class seniors living on fixed incomes who will feel the wrath of the law Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter championed. Many seniors have already lost the doctors they have trusted for decades, and now the nearly 16 million who rely on Medicare Advantage will not be able to access the care they want. When will Congresswoman Carol Shea Porter face her constituents and admit that Obamacare has failed New Hampshire?