NHDP on Latest Attacks from Big Oil Koch Brothers and AFP

Concord - New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement after the Koch Brothers and their Big Oil money purchased more ads attacking New Hampshire's two congresswomen.

"Republicans are obsessed with re-fighting the healthcare battles of the past, repealing the Affordable Care Act and putting insurance companies back in charge so they have free reign to raise costs, deny care, and drop coverage.  Frank Guinta, Gary Lambert, Dan Innis, and Marilinda Garcia all want to return New Hampshire to the days when insurance companies could deny coverage to people with pre-existing conditions like diabetes, limit lifetime benefits forcing people to face cancer and bankruptcy at the same time, and kids could be kicked off their parent’s plans the day they turned 18. Granite State families and small businesses can't afford their dangerous and ideological approach.
"The billionaire oil barons hiding behind these negative attack ads are infamous for making dishonest and false claims to further their own interests, they don't care about the people of New Hampshire."

Washington Post: AFP’s “anti-Obamacare ad makes a claim that doesn’t add up.”  [Washington Post, 2/20/2014]

AFP Ad possibly the “most misleading anti-Obamacare ad yet.” [MSNBC, 2/21/2014]

AFP Pulls Negative Ad After It Was Exposed Having An Out Of State Actress. [Alaska Dispatch, 02/18/2014]

AFP Resorts to Paid Actors, Unable to Find Real People For Their Ads. [ThinkProgress, 2/14/2014]

Politifact: AFP ad anti-Affordable Care Act Ad is “Mostly False” [Politifact, 11/06/2013]



Because Of The ACA, 600,000 People In New Hampshire, Including 70,000 Children Will No Longer Face Increased Premiums Or Denial Of Coverage. [Department of Health and Human Services, 8/1/13]

10, 000 Granite Staters Up To Age 26 Got Healthcare Coverage Through Their Parents But Would Have Been Uninsured Otherwise Because Of The ACA. [Department of Health and Human Services, 8/1/13]

The ACA Meant 12,400 NH Medicare Recipients Had Saved More Than $8m On Prescription Drugs Because Of The ACA And 150,000 NH Medicare Recipients Got Free Preventive Health Services. [Department of Health and Human Services, 8/1/13]

545,000 People in New Hampshire No Longer Had To Worry About Lifetime Dollar Limits On Health Benefits That Were Eliminated By The ACA. [Department of Health and Human Services, 8/1/13]

More Than 250,000 Women In NH Gained Access To Women’s Preventative Health Services Without Cost-Sharing Because Of The ACA and, In 2014, Insurance Companies In The Individual And Small Group Markets Will No Longer Be Permitted To Charge Women Higher Rates. [Department of Health and Human Services, 8/1/13]

Estimated 81,000 People in New Hampshire Would Be Eligible For ACA Premium Tax Credits To Make Health Insurance More Affordable. [Kaiser Family Foundation, 11/5/13]

Because Insurance Companies Are Required To Spend 80% Of Every Premium Dollar On Health Care Under The ACA, More Than 15,000 NH Residents Will Receive More Than $1.1m In Refunds. [Department of Health and Human Services, 8/1/13]