ALG's Daily Grind - The Bullying of America


Feb. 25, 2014

Permission to republish original opeds and cartoons granted.

The Bullying of America
In combating liberal bullying, conservatives need to learn from the successes of the left rather than simply shake their collective heads and wonder what the world is coming to.

Cartoon: Rat Feed

EPA in the Supreme Court's Crosshairs
The Supreme Court has heard arguments on Monday and will rule on how much room, if any, the EPA has to rewrite federal law for their own regulatory purposes.

Wall Street Journal: The 'Absurd Results' Power Grab
"The Obama Administration's penchant for rewriting the law via regulation will get a major test on Monday when the Supreme Court hears a challenge to the Environmental Protection Agency's "carbon endangerment" rule. This case is especially significant because it will determine whether the agency can rewrite its own previous rewrite of the Clean Air Act to bypass the normal channels of democratic consent."