ALG's Daily Grind - Canada shows how to fight radical green groups


Feb. 26, 2014
Permission to republish original opeds and cartoons granted.

Canada shows how to fight radical green groups
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper directs the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) to conduct audits of several radical environmental groups accused of conducting political activity in violation of their tax-deductible charitable status.

The lame duck's not-so-secret weapon
Obama knows he doesn't have to impress anybody or win any electoral support. He has the keys to the regulatory kingdom and his base will be appeased, the poor, the worker, and business owner be damned.

New noise on climate change: A winning issue for Republicans
If the Republicans are smart enough to capture the anger of voters being financially crushed by EPA regulations and feature it in television ads, the Democrats climate change emphasis could be a winning issue for Republicans.

Reynolds: Americans rising up against government
Increasing blowback from the American people against license plate tracking, government monitoring media decisions, and gun registries.