NHDP - Joe Kenney’s Unhealthy Record Is The Wrong Prescription For NH

Concord – Tea Party Executive Council candidate Joe Kenney will be talking about health care in Claremont today, but don’t expect him to mention his own record even once.  In the State Senate, Kenney helped disgraced former Governor Craig Benson pass SB110, allowing health insurance companies to discriminate against small businesses and individuals based the age, geographic location and health history of those being covered.

“Joe Kenney forced higher health care costs on northern New Hampshire and he knows it, that is why he doesn’t want to talk about his own record less than two weeks before Election Day,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Harrell Kirstein.

The New Hampshire Business Review described the Kenney-Benson health care debacle as a “misguided experiment…using real businesses and real jobs as the guinea pigs.” [NH Business Review, 11/4/2004]  And added that it forced insurance rates to “increase by double digits, with some [businesses] reporting increases as high as 50 percent.” [NH Business Review, 2/20/2004]

Even Joe Kenney was eventually forced to admit his law was "a problem for many New Hampshire workers." [Conway Daily Sun, 10/20/2004]  Repeal passed with bipartisan support from Democratic and Republican lawmakers across the state.

“The last time he was in office Kenney’s agenda was devastating for the people of northern New Hampshire,” continued Kirstein.  “Granite state families simply can't afford to have Kenney let insurance companies discriminate against sick workers and increase health care costs by double digits."