NHDP - Who Are The Radical Ideologues Behind Joe Kenney’s Campaign?

Even New Hampshire Republicans Are Distancing Themselves From Kenney

Concord – An out of touch assortment of radical conspiracy theorists, birthers, and other dangerous ideologues are backing Tea Party candidate Joe Kenney’s campaign for the Executive Council. 

“It is hard to tell who is more out of touch with New Hampshire's values, Joe Kenney or the radical and dangerous ideologues backing his Tea Party campaign,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Harrell Kirstein.  “The people of New Hampshire can’t trust Joe Kenney to represent them, when birthers, John Birch Society members, and bigots are the public face of his campaign.”

Here are some of the reckless and irresponsible individuals publicly backing Kenney:

  • Infamous Birther Laurie Pettengill. [Facebook, 1/29/2014; Concord Monitor, 11/22/2011]
  • Conspiracy Theorist Leon Rideout who believes the original 13th amendment to the constitution was erased.  [Facebook,2/12/2014; Youtube, 3/7/2013]
  • Out of touch Birther Ray Shakir who has launched racists attacks against the President of the United States.  [Conway Daily Sun, 2/14/2014; MotherJones, 6/16/2011]
  • Radical Birch Society Leader Norm Tregenza [Conway Daily Sun, 2/14/2014; Concord Monitor, 3/19/2011]

Kenney has a long history of out of touch positions himself.  He opposes family planning, would cut access to breast exams, cancer screenings and birth control, opposes a state minimum wage for New Hampshire workers calling them unskilled, and even voted against equal rights for New Hampshire's LGBT community.

Kenney and his backers are even out of touch with New Hampshire Republicans.  This weekend, the Union Leader reported that New Hampshire Young Republicans were opposed to supporting Kenney’s campaign in part because of “his opposition back in 2007 to civil unions and allowing gay people to adopt children.”

After seeing Kenney’s reckless and dangerous ideology, it is no wonder even members of his own Republican Party don’t want to be associated with him,” added Kirstein.

Kenney Voted against Civil Unions, Compared Them To Polygamy. In 2002, Kenney voted against House Bill 437-FN-L, which would legally recognize civil unions, and grant gay couples the same rights and responsibilities as married couples.  The bill passed the House 243-129, passed the Senate 14-10, and was signed by the Governor.  Kenney said, “Why can’t they have [multiple] civil unions in the state of New Hampshire?’”  [Hartford Courant, 4/27/2007]

Kenney Voted To Ban Marriage Equality. In 2004, Kenney voted to approve a Senate Bill 427, preventing New Hampshire from recognizing same-sex marriages and defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman.  [SB427, 2004]

Kenney Voted Against Allowing Gay And Lesbian Couples to Adopt.  Kenney voted against House Bill 90, which would remove the prohibition on adoption and fostering children by gay individuals.  The bill passed the House and Senate and was signed by the Governor.  [HB90, 1999]