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Concord - The New Hampshire Republican State Committee today called on Senator Jeanne Shaheen to denounce Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's vicious attacks on her constituents. In a speech on the floor of the Senate today, Reid mentioned a new series of television ads highlighting the devastating consequences of ObamaCare that include New Hampshire residents Helen DiPrima and Donna Marzullo. Reid dishonestly claimed that their stories about their health care struggles are "made up from whole cloth," said "all of them are untrue" and called them "lies."


"In those tales, they turned out to be that. Stories made up from whole cloth. Lies. Distorted by Republicans to make headlines or political ads," said Senator Reid. (CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO)


"Senator Harry Reid's dishonest war against the Granite State women who had the courage to speak out about the disastrous consequences of ObamaCare is outrageous and disgusting. These women are victims who lost their health insurance and they are suffering because of Senator Shaheen's deciding vote for this terrible law," said NHGOP Chairman Jennifer Horn. "Senator Reid's attempt to smear and demean these brave women is insulting and shows just how desperate Democrats are to distract from the failure of their disastrous healthcare agenda. Senator Shaheen needs to stand up for New Hampshire and denounce Senator Reid for launching these despicable attacks against her constituents."


Shaheen's allies at the New Hampshire Democrat Party have also tried to dishonestly discredit the women in these ads by implying that their struggles are diminished by the fact that they disagree with President Obama's policies.