Hemingway For Governor - Issues Call to Stop Common Core

Urges the Passage of HB 1508

Manchester, NH – Republican Gubernatorial candidate Andrew Hemingway today issued a call for the quick passage of HB 1508, ending the state’s participation in Common Core. The House Education Committee will vote on HB 1508 next week.  

“As evidenced by the sheer number of parents that came out to support HB 1508 and oppose Common Core and the passion they demonstrated, Common Core is having a significant negative effect on our children’s education,” said Hemingway.  “Common Core substitutes tried and true educational process with an unproven top down mess that hurts our children and relegates our teachers to mere bystanders in the classroom.  Our campaign will state here and now that the most important person to make decisions for the classroom is the individual teacher. Why would anyone want to change that?”

Gov. Hassan made the support of Common Core one of the main points in her State of the State address on Feb. 6th. “It is clear that there can be no more of a fundamental difference between Gov. Hassan and myself,” Mr. Hemingway went on to say. “I believe in the rights of the parents, those who are responsible for their children and who pay the taxes which support public education.  Gov. Hassan believes in the right of the State through Federal coercive measures to dictate what and how your children learn.  She stands with the Government. I stand with the people.”