CEI Today: New vehicle mandate, Keystone & global warming, the Farm Bill, and more

Wednesday, February 5, 2014
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Openmarket.org: USDOT Calls for Connected Vehicle Mandate; Security and Privacy Concerns Remain

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT)
announced today it would chart a regulatory path that would require all new automobiles to be equipped with vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communications systems sometime in the next several years.

Requiring that cars “talk to each other” before critical issues related to security (how are hackers prevented from manipulating V2V warnings and how are the security systems financed and operated?) and privacy (who owns the V2V data collected and who may obtain it, and under what conditions may they obtain it?) strikes me as premature.
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National Journal: Should Obama Green-Light Keystone XL?

Anti-Keystone activists have pushed President Obama to base the national interest determination on a single issue – whether Keystone XL would increase incremental greenhouse gas emissions.

Keystone foes assumed this single-factor test gives them a slam dunk. Oil sands extraction is more energy-intensive than conventional oil production. How could expanding infrastructure to bring such oil to market not increase greenhouse gas emissions?

Irony of ironies, if your chief objective in the Keystone XL debate is to limit greenhouse gas emissions and oil spills, you should support the pipeline! > Read more


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Openmarket.org: Farm Bill Passes Senate, Goes to President

With the U.S. Senate’s passage February 4 of a farm bill by a vote of 68-32, a nearly $1 trillion (over 10 years) farm bill will govern agriculture policy for the next five years. The House had previously approved the bill last week. About 80 percent of the spending goes for food stamp and nutrition programs.

Even though this was the most contentious farm bill process in recent history, the results are pretty much the same: farmers will get their pork one way or another. > Read more

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