CEI Today: Big Business giveaway, regulation w/o representation, and State Dept on Keystone

Thursday, February 6, 2014
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Openmarket.org: New York Alcohol Bill Benefits Big Business at Consumers’ Expense

New York’s consumers and small alcohol retailers could soon be paying more for their tipples, for the benefit of big wholesalers. A bill now making its way through the New York legislature would require all wine and liquor sold in the state to be warehoused in in-state for 24 hours prior to sale. While the bill would be a boon to the state’s two largest wine wholesalers, who already store their products in-state, it will significantly raise the cost of business for small and mid-sized wholesalers who warehouse in New Jersey.
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The Hill: Regulation without representation

In his speech last week,  President Obama didn’t see fit to talk about federal regulation. In fact, he used the word "regulation" not once in his entire speech. And his recent predecessors haven’t done much better. Why is this?

Regulation is not a glamorous issue, and the State of the Union is one of This Town’s most glamorous events. But just because it lacks visibility, that doesn’t mean it’s not important. Regulation, according to our estimates, imposes a $1.8 trillion annual burden on the American economy. In sectors ranging from  energy to finance to health care, it's been holding back the economy even more than government spending.
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Globalwarming.org: State Department Assessment Blows Away Keystone Pipeline Foes’ Objections

Green pressure groups have pushed President Obama to base the national interest determination on a single issue – whether Keystone XL would increase incremental greenhouse gas emissions above the no-project baseline.

Keystone foes assumed this single-factor test would give them a slam dunk. How could expanding petroleum infrastructure not increase oil production, consumption, and the associated greenhouse gas emissions? > Read more



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