Guinta For Congress - UNH Poll, New Hampshire's 1st Congressional District; Guinta in Strong Position

Last night, the University of New Hampshire released a new poll for the 1st Congressional District and the results were very strong for Team Guinta.
Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter told Granite Staters they could keep their healthcare under Obamacare if they wanted to; yet she has offered no solution, or even had a dialogue, to the 22,000 Granite Staters who have lost their healthcare under this new law.

This latest poll clearly shows she in bad shape. In fact, Guinta even leads amongst union households (43%-38%). Out-of-state union special interest groups have always been the number one funder of her campaign. Her base is eroding. According to the AFL-CIO, Obamacare will kill the 40 hour work week. And, middle-class Granite Staters are feeling the pinch.

Overall, Guinta leads Shea-Porter 45%-39%. He is in a strong position. He also leads amongst the crucial New Hampshire independent voter 36%-25%. The first district is plurality independent; their desire for change and leaders who will replace Obamacare is clear.

Guinta is the only Republican in the race who is in the lead right now. He is also the only Republican leading amongst that independent demographic which will decide the election.

Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter’s reelection effort is treading water. Her refusal to meet with constituents or to offer healthcare solutions is costing her support, even amongst her base.

It is important to acknowledge all polls as a snap-shot in time. It is a long way until the November election. Team Guinta has a proven record of robust grassroots campaigning. We will work together to capitalize on this good news.

The bottom line is Team Guinta is in strong shape to defeat Congresswoman Shea-Porter as we move into the Election Year. Guinta is a well-liked New Hampshire leader and a proven reformer who will work for the middle-class. We ask you to join Team Guinta today and help us send real leadership back to Washington.