Lambert For Congress - Lets Create Jobs!

Col. Lambert Knows An Easy Solution For Job Creation

The Congressional Budget Office, a non-partisan body released a report yesterday that estimates 2.5 million Americans will lose their jobs due to the failures of Obamacare. They will be dropped by their employers because of the suffocating regulations and requirements within Obamacare that will be placed on our nation’s employers.

Ann Kuster and Washington Democrats continue to preach job creation and place the blame for a stalled economy and lackluster job growth on Republicans. If Ann Kuster is serious about jobs, she should propose a bill aimed at repealing Obamacare in its entirety, which alone would save 2.5 million jobs.

Since Ann Kuster has gone to Washington we have seen our debt increase, our healthcare pulled out from under us, millions of Americans leaving the workforce or accepting underemployment and now we learn that this may only be the beginning.

It’s time to end this era of big government and big spending, because it only creates big problems. We need real leadership in Washington, which starts with sensible governance that knows that in order to make way for growth and progress, it must simply stop getting in the way.

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