NH Sen Sanborn Sponsoring Business Tax Relief

The New Hampshire Senate

Republican Majority Office

Bedford Republican pushing for cuts to BET and BPT

Concord, NH – State Senator Andy Sanborn (R-Bedford) issued the following statement after the Senate Rules Committee approved late introduction of a bill to reduce the Business Profits Tax and Business Enterprise Tax.

“New Hampshire has some of the highest business taxes in the nation. In fact, if you consider the sales tax as a tax on consumers, we have the highest in the nation.

“Every budget, we talk about the need to provide real tax relief to New Hampshire’s business community, and every budget, we run out of money before we can do anything about it.

“I would like to talk about business tax cuts now. Much as we did with the Research and Development Tax Credit; much as Senator Bradley would like to do with diversion from the Highway Fund, we should debate the proper level of New Hampshire’s businesses taxes this year.

“We can reset the baseline going into the next budget debate. And for once, we can provide real tax relief for New Hampshire’s economy before the spending pressures of the next budget push tax reform off the agenda. I thank the Rules Committee for letting this debate proceed.”