NRSC - ObamaCare: Equivalent of 11,639 Jobs in New Hampshire Could Be Lost

Shaheen's Support of ObamaCare Will Reduce Employment in New Hampshire
Equivalent of 
11,639 Jobs Could Be Lost

A recent report from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) detailed that ObamaCare will cost the economy the equivalent of 2.5 million jobs by 2024. A new state-by-state analysis by the Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) shows that ObamaCare will have harmful effects on employment and the workforce in New Hampshire.  

In 2009, Senator Jeanne Shaheen promised that ObamaCare was, "a historic step forward.”  But, the news from the Congressional Budget Office contradicts that claim, making clear that fewer people will be employed and fewer hours worked because of the unpopular law.  According to the new ATR analysis, it is estimated that ObamaCare will reduce employment and cost New Hampshire the equivalent of over 11,000 jobs.  

An editorial in the Wall Street Journal made clear how this news is politically harmful to Senators who championed the law like Jeanne Shaheen:  "All of this is one more contradiction of the arguments that were used to sell ObamaCare. The law would reduce health-care costs and shrink the deficit, you could keep your health plan and your doctor, and businesses could hire more workers and be more competitive. All of this is turning out to be false, and now we learn that the law is a job destroyer that is removing rungs from the ladder of upward economic mobility."

"So many of the promises Jeanne Shaheen repeatedly made about ObamaCare have turned out to be false, and as a result thousands fewer will be employed," said NRSC Press Secretary Brook Hougesen. "ObamaCare punishes additional work, professional advancement, and additional income hurting those trying to climb into the middle class most of all.  Jeanne Shaheen repeatedly lied about ObamaCare, and voters no longer trust her judgment."


Shaheen Said Passing ObamaCare Was A “Historic Step Forward.” SHAHEEN: “Today, our nation took a historic step forward in a quest that has spanned generations - to provide better quality and more cost effective health care to all Americans.” (Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, “Shaheen Statement On Passage Of The Senate Health Care Reform Bill,” Press Release, 12/24/09)