Testerman For US Senate - Shaheen, What Have You Done to Us?

CONCORD, NH - Karen Testerman, Republican candidate for the United States Senate, commented on Jeanne Shaheen's Affordable Care Act and the new Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report that the damage from Obamacare will be worse than it first predicted.

The American economy will suffer from 2.3 million fewer full-time workers by 2021 because of Obamacare, according to the CBO report (link).

"Republicans knew that Obamacare was bad news for contractors, employees, employers," Testerman said, "but today's CBO report predicts Jeanne Shaheen's Affordable Care Act is more of a colossal failure than the CBO initially reported.

"The fact that almost all of our Democrat representatives in the Senate and the House voted for Obamacare does not excuse Jeanne Shaheen's lack of care when throwing her support behind Obamacare, or her ignorance of the way our economy works, or both.

"Our senators should represent us and work to improve our economy, not pass legislation that harms our job opportunities and increases the cost of healthcare.

"Jeanne Shaheen had her chance. She lied, she was not competent enough to read the legislation, and she failed us. I would have stood up for the people, not Barack Obama's ideology."