NH GOP - Have dinner with Governor Bobby Jindal at NRLC 2014


Dear Friend  


We have some more exciting news about the 2014 Northeast Republican Leadership Conference!


Today, I'm thrilled to announce that Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, one of America's leading conservative reformers and the Vice Chairman of the Republican Governors Association, will keynote the Friday night NRLC dinner.


Governor Jindal assumed office in January 2008 and immediately took on the entrenched, liberal special interests in his home state. He has delivered conservative reform to his state's education system while rooting out Louisiana's reputation for political corruption. We are honored that Governor Jindal has agreed to participate in our conference.


We have also announced that US Senator Kelly Ayotte, Ambassador John Bolton, Congressman Peter King, and Michael Graham will all be speaking at the conference with a full agenda and more great speakers still to be announced.


Be sure to book your hotel room and register for the NRLC today! It is sure to be an exciting time for Republican activists, donors, vendors and operatives alike - to come together, share ideas, and discuss ways to make our party competitive in every corner of the country.


We have many more big announcements to make in the coming days - so stay tuned.


If you have any questions, please visit our website at www.NortheastRepublicans.com or call us at 603-225-9341.


Thank you and I look forward to joining all of you at the conference on March 14th!
Jennifer Horn

New Hampshire Republican State Committee 



Tickets for the conference start at $75 and are available at: www.northeastrepublicans.com.