Guinta For Congress - Report From Frank Guinta's Listening Tour At Frisbie


From Frank's Desk

Yesterday afternoon Frank Guinta began a health care listening tour with a stop at Rochester's Frisbie Hospital. Due to Obamacare, Frisbie is one of the hospitals excluded from providing care through NH's Exchange. He toured the facility and met many of the hospital employees; including the officials who run it, department heads and several critical care nurses.

Many different topics arose during his visit but most importantly this was a chance for Frank to listen to the concerns of residents, patients, employees and administrators who are on the front lines of health care delivery.

Frank Guinta, candidate for Congress, released the following statement: "What I heard yesterday was frustration with the current state of our health care system. The individuals I spoke with were some of the most dedicated men and women I have ever met, and I am committed to finding solutions to fix these problems. Too many are suffering while too few have access to affordable, quality care. NH shouldn't accept this status quo as a permanent reality. We can and must do better. I look forward to hearing more about these issues as I continue my tour with multiple stops in the coming weeks.”

Next week the tour continues at the Londonderry Senior Center where Frank looks forward to discussing with them plans to ensure the solvency of Medicare and Social security while protecting and preserving it for future generations. | Facebook Twitter