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Instead of taking responsibility for backing a health care bill that hurts Americans, Democrats have decided to wage war on the men, women, and families who have been hurt by ObamaCare and have been brave enough to share their stories.

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Democrats are trying to divert attention away from ObamaCare's failures by waging war on its victims -- and on Americans for Prosperity, for giving these victims a voice! Senator Reid attacked AFP's founders, Charles and David Koch, in two separate speeches on the Senate floor this week, calling them "un-American."
The truth is, David and Charles create more jobs and more prosperity for more Americans in one year than Senator Reid and his liberal allies do in a lifetime with their big government policies.

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At AFP, we've built an expansive network of over 2 million grassroots activists across the country who are committed to fighting for health care freedom. Despite Senator Reid's claims, our television ads feature the stories of real people who have been hurt by ObamaCare. Senator Reid and his buddies don't want you to hear these stories, but we are working harder than ever to make sure Americans know the truth about how ObamaCare is harming so many of our fellow citizens.

Thank you for helping us keep the focus on what really matters: the real Americans who are being hurt by ObamaCare.

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