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Continuing our fight against Obamacare's Medicaid expansion in New Hampshire

Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire has been working hard in recent weeks to give voice to the countless Granite Staters who recognize that SB 413, Obamacare's Medicaid expansion, will lead to higher taxes and longer wait times in the Emergency Room. SB 413 brings the tentacles of Obamacare directly into New Hampshire. Republicans in the State Senate, who are thinking about voting for it, should think long and hard about those they represent because there are a lot of us who do not support this bill whatsoever.  


With the New Hampshire State Senate expected to vote on SB 413 next Thursday, March 6th, we have ramped up our efforts against it. As announced in the Union Leader earlier this weekwe launched online and social media advertisements encouraging Granite Staters to contact their State Senator and tell him or her to vote no on this terrible bill.  In addition, we have pledged to continue our grassroots patch-through phone calls and other efforts to connect as many New Hampshire residents who oppose this bill with their legislator as possible.

If you can donate a couple of hours of your time towards one of our evening phone banks at our Manchester office to help fight SB 413, please email We also encourage your presence in Concord at the State House on the day of the vote, March 6th. Please email Matt as well if you would be interested in attending. 

If you haven't contacted your State Senator yet, please click HERE for his or her information and let your legislator know you do not support this bill. 

Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire in Breitbart

In response to the efforts of our organization and the countless Granite Staters who have worked tirelessly to ensure that our State Senator's know we are opposed to Obamacare's Medicaid expansion in New Hampshire, Mark Meckler at Breitbart took notice and wrote a very interesting column on it and the battle surrounding SB 413.

We truly appreciate the kind words he had to say about Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire and the encouragement he gave us, and all conservatives in the Granite State, about continuing to stand up for the values we believe in.

We encourage you to take a moment to read his column. You can click HERE to read it at 


Not a single town hall meeting with Rep. Annie Kuster

While Senator Jeanne Shaheen and Rep. Carol Shea-Porter (NH-01) have become professionals at hiding from their constituents by refusing to hold real town hall meetings for over a year now, we actually have one Member of Congress who has NEVER hosted a town hall meeting. Ever.

Likely due to her support for a failing Obamacare and her prominent gaffs on issues such as the attack on our consulate in Benghazi, Congresswoman Annie Kuster (NH-02) has never hosted a single town hall meeting during her tenure as a Member of Congress.

We encourage you to contact Rep. Annie Kuster's office at 603-226-1002 and ask why she won't host a single real town hall meeting. You can also inform others of the fact that she has never hosted one by sharing the image above on Facebook by clicking HERE. One thing is for certain, Rep. Kuster's refusal to meet with her constituents in the Second Congressional District is certainly not the New Hampshire way. 


Help us keep fighting for you!
With the help of concerned Granite Staters like you, we have given a loud voice to the conservative values we all hold dear. From lower taxes and less spending to a smaller government both in Washington D.C. and in Concord, together, we have accomplished a lot over the past year.

However, in order to keep our office open and staffed and our message up on radio and television, we need your help. 

If you support what we fight for every day, please consider helping us financially. Your donation of $100, $500, 1,000, or more will go a long way towards ensuring we have the resources necessary to keep up our efforts.

Please click HERE to visit our donation page - and as always, we thank you for your contribution.