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ALG's Daily Grind - Global debt reaches $100 trillion, U.S. share 58 percent


March 11, 2014

Global debt reaches $100 trillion, U.S. share 58 percent
Why hasn't it generated prosperity?

Cartoon: On Course

D.C. Republican shark tank smells blood in water, turns on their own
Fighting to win the special election to fill the seat of Bill Young who died earlier this year, David Jolly is now having to spend the last days of his campaign dealing with self-serving public complaints from those in the National Republican Congressional Committee who are attempting to shift any potential blame for a loss down to Florida.

McKinsey warns only 14 percent of Obamacare exchange sign-ups are previously uninsured enrollees
"Of the 3.3 million people that the White House has touted as Obamacare exchange 'sign-ups,' less than 500,000 are actual uninsured people who have actually gained health coverage."


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