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March 10, 2014 

Casino Bill Update
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Your Call is Needed Today


Two important pieces of legislation for which the NH Council of Churches has long-standing policy positions will be voted on in the NH State House of Representatives

this week:


HB-1633, the "casino bill"

- Please call your state representative(s) and let them know that you do not want a casino in New Hampshire.  The proposed casino with 5,000 slot machines would damage local businesses, bring crime, and do immense harm to families when people become addicted and gamble away their paychecks and life savings, leading to bankruptcy, divorce, even suicide. For more information about casinos, go to this website:http://casinofreenh.org/



HB-1170, to repeal New Hampshire's death penalty statute

- The death penalty does nothing for public safety and conflicts with our society's highest moral values. For more information about the death penalty, go to this website:


Legislators need to hear from the people they represent about these issues.  Many would like to vote against a casino and the death penalty, but need to know that they are supported by their constituents.


Time is of the essence.  The first vote will be taken this Wednesday.  Call your state representative NOW.  You can find your state representative at this website: http://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/house/members/wml.aspx 

Call them at their home telephone number, which you can find by clicking on their name as found on the above website.


This is a chance for faithful Christians of all denominations to be witnesses for justice and to "make a difference" here and now in New Hampshire.


Clare Chapman

Executive Director

New Hampshire Council of Churches 


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