- Former Pentagon official: Obama admin lying about Benghazi

Former Pentagon watchdog: Obama administration littered with deceit
Yes, government waste, fraud and abuse are the triplet children of incompetence, greed and unbridled ambition.

But these sins of public trust begin and end with dishonesty.

And Joseph E. Schmitz has seen a lot of lying by the government to taxpayers in his lengthy legal career.
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Obamacare forcing school districts’ hands on part-time staff
School districts throughout Wisconsin have some tough decisions to make about mandatory health care for their part-time employees.
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Seattle socialist misleads audience on minimum wage study
Newly-elected Socialist Seattle City Council Member Kshama Sawant is better known for her incendiary rhetoric than her policy acumen. Her recent comments at a minimum wage forum at Seattle Central Community College exhibit either a lack of knowledge on the issue or a startling deficiency of candor.
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