Taliesin Nexus - $10,000 & 100 Days: New Program for Filmmakers Exploring the Theme of Liberty

PRESS RELEASE | March 13, 2014

$10,000 & 100 Days: New Program for Filmmakers Exploring the Theme of Liberty

Hollywood, CA—Calling all filmmakers who want to change the culture! Taliesin Nexus is thrilled to announce the opening of Liberty Lab, a new program that will give ten lucky filmmakers $10,000 to make a short film in 100 days while being mentored by seasoned Hollywood professionals.


Ten successful applicants will be divided into teams of two, and each team will receive a $10,000 production budget to write, shoot, and edit a short film or web series in 100 days. The theme of the project is liberty, and each film must explore some aspect of liberty in a creative way. Applications are being accepted starting today. 

“What makes Liberty Lab unique is that each team will be closely mentored by a working Hollywood producer or writer throughout the entire process,” said Andrew Leigh, co-founder of Taliesin Nexus.  

Mentors include Daniel Knauf, executive producer of NBC’s Dracula and creator of HBO’s cult hit Carnivale; and Bill Marsilii, writer of Deja Vu starring Denzel Washington and the upcoming Wind in the Willows with Ricky Gervais.

“We want to encourage fresh narratives that tell entertaining stories exploring some aspect of personal freedom,” said Patrick Reasonover, co-founder of Taliesin Nexus.  

The program also includes an educational speakers’ series featuring Hollywood insiders who will share career advice, as well as professors and other experts in various disciplines to provide insight into how they use narrative to convey certain truths. 

“We are looking for applicants who have some background in film or video, but the most important factor will be the story they wish to tell,” Reasonover added. “While each film must explore some aspect of liberty, we are not looking for polemical stories that hit you over the head with a message. We strongly believe that the story comes first, and each project must have considerable entertainment value.”

“There is no other program quite like it in the country, probably the world,” said Leigh. “We can’t wait to see what our filmmaking teams create.”

The application period ends May 15. The program kicks off on June 14. At the end, we will host an industry showcase where we will screen the finished product. For more information, please visit the Liberty Lab page on our website.

"For those of us seeking to give liberty a greater voice in our culture, this program is a significant step forward,” said Leigh.

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Taliesin Nexus is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization that encourages potent storytelling exploring themes of liberty by serving as a nexus between up-and-coming filmmakers and experienced industry professionals who share a passion for a free society.