Andy Martin For US Senate - Countdown to Nashua: Will Scott Brown "hijack" the Republican Leadership Conf?

New Hampshire U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin will hold a news conference in Nashua in his suite at the Crowne Plaza Hotel at 4:00 P.M. Friday March 14th to react to former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown’s latest episode of political exhibitionism in New Hampshire. (Andy has his own independent suite at the hotel.) “Why Scott Brown thinks Granite Staters are going to take his ‘explorations’ a few weeks before candidate filing seriously is beyond me,” Andy says. “Brown is self-destructing. The people who invited him to New Hampshire could end up going down with him. A candidate who has not made up his mind a few weeks before the filing deadline is doing damage to his reputation and to the bona fides of his ‘supporters.’”


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Andy Martin

Republican for U.S. Senator


Republican U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin will react to Scott Brown’s imminent announcement that he is “exploring” a run for the U. S. Senate from New Hampshire


Andy says Scott Brown is a “serial exhibitionist” who is “self-destructing” with his “exploratory” charade


(Manchester, NH) (March 14, 2014) 



Dear Republican:


Sometimes you have to feel sorry even for people that don’t like you.


Jennifer Horn, the New Hampshire State GOP Chairman, and I are not friends. She unfairly attacked me several years ago, and I have criticized her personal behavior. But as I contemplate what is about to unfold later today you have to feel sorry for Horn.


Some months ago Horn obviously felt that promoting Scott Brown for the U. S. Senate nomination would be a piece of cake. Maybe Horn even believed Brown could/would steamroller his potential primary opponents, including me.


This weekend Horn is leading the Northeast Republican Leadership Conference in Nashua. The meeting looks like a fine event. A lot of work has obviously gone into assembling guests, planning events, etc. A lot of interesting people are descending on Nashua. Unfortunately, the conference participants are about to become hostages of serial exhibitionist Scott Brown.


Brown has a small role in the conference Friday afternoon. That was clearly not enough for his colossal ego. So Brown is about to hijack the conference and make it about Brown and only Brown. I wonder how the other guest speakers are going to feel when they find out they have ended up as bit players in Scott Brown’s media extravaganza. They are likely to be drowned out and overshadowed by Brown's “exploratory” antics (see link below).


I am not a speaker at the conference. I purchased a ticket because it looked like an interesting meeting and, as a candidate, I am delighted to visit with people who will be attending. My campaign will have a Champagne Hospitality Suite but my own political activity is clearly separate from the conference itself.


If you read these letters to New Hampshire Republicans you know I think Brown is a totally flawed candidate. We will have more to say about him, maybe tomorrow. But back to Horn.


How are guests from Connecticut, the District of Columbia, Delaware, Maryland, Maine, New Hampshire (but we know Brown), New Jersey, New York, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, the Virgin Islands and, of course, Massachusetts, where they really know Brown and threw him out of office, going to feel when Brown effectively hijacks the conference and sucks the oxygen out of the event by announcing he is forming an “exploratory” committee for his senate campaign?


A little more than two months before the primary filing period Prince Hamlet Brown can’t decide whether to run or not, so he is now only “exploring” the possibility. Brown is making joke out of his supporters, such as Horn, who probably started promoting him last year in good faith.


There is nothing wrong with exploring a candidacy, a year earlier. But serious candidates are not still “exploring” their candidacy a few weeks before the filing deadline to be on the ballot.


Brown may hope he can avoid primary campaign attacks by delaying an announcement of candidacy. But his rope-a-dope is wearing thin in New Hampshire. My own campaign is on track. I don’t claim any special prescience but this week we started running anti-Brown radio ads.


Brown has become an embarrassment to his “supporters.” His “explorations” are likely to eventually embarrass the New Hampshire party leadership that has indulged his exhibitionism.


I have spent almost fifty years observing and participating in the political process. During that period I have seen a lot of strange behavior by elected officials (a Crime Syndicate state senator from Chicago comes to mind as an extreme example). There were some unusual characters on Capitol Hill when I worked there. And there still are.


But I have never seen anyone as bizarre as Scott Brown. I now understand why the voters of Massachusetts threw him out of office. Brown was given the opportunity of a lifetime: election to the U. S. Senate. And he blew it. Instead of building support, he steadily worked himself out of job. Brown’s latest act of serial exhibitionism –- announcing an “announcement” for Friday at the Republican Leadership Conference so he can have a captive audience for his oratorios –- is likely to boomerang on him and his supporters.


Honestly? It’s time for Republicans to start “exploring” Scott Brown’s totally self-involved state of mind.


We will, of course, have our Champagne Hospitality Suite at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, and a news conference (details below) to react to Scott Brown’s latest antics. I will also be available to discuss the serious challenges facing the United States, as well as the need for Scott Brown to reevaluate the way he started off treating the people of New Hampshire. It is not just Democrats that are offended by Brown’s behavior.









New Hampshire U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin




Andy Martin says Brown is embarrassing the New Hampshire Republican Party by Brown’s endless exhibitionism




Crown Plaza Hotel, Nashua, NH (please ask for Andy Martin’s suite; we will also email the suite number as soon as it is assigned.)




Friday, March 14; 4:00 P.M.