NH Sen. Sanborn Statement on Passage of Pay Equity Legislation

Concord, NH – Senate Commerce Committee Chairman Andy Sanborn, R-Bedford, released the following statement today after the passage of Senate Bill 207, relative to pay check equity:

“New Hampshire has been a leader in ensuring equal pay for our workforce since passing our first law on the issue in 1947, long before the federal government followed suit.  Over the years that law has worked, and we know based on Labor Department data that New Hampshire employers do not discriminate based on sex.

“The bill we passed today builds on our successful law to guarantee our statues continue to work for future generations.  SB 207 restates the responsibility employers have to pay men and woman equal wages for equal work, further protects the existing right employees have to discuss wage information with co-workers, and strengthens existing non-retaliation laws to protect employees who see fit to file a claim under the law.

“This bill is a result of a bipartisan, collaborative effort among Senators, state agencies, and the business community to write a bill that works and will continue to protect New Hampshire employees long into the future.”