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Disappointed in the New Hampshire State Senate for voting to increase the Gas Tax

On Thursday, the New Hampshire State Senate voted to increase the Gas Tax to 22.4 cents per gallon by a vote of 14 to 9. If signed into law, this bill equates to a 23% tax increase on Granite State families. Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire testified against this increase at a public hearing citing the effect it would have on New Hampshire families and businesses. At the hearing, Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire, along with others, discussed how raising the Gas Tax would result in increased transportation costs for goods, which would impact small businesses that rely on the use of vehicles, and the consumers who purchase them.  

We all know that every citizen will be affected by raising the Gas Tax. The State Senate's vote on Thursday places the lack of fiscal discipline by Governor Hassan and the House on the shoulders of the New Hampshire taxpayer. New Hampshire residents deserved better.


We want to thank those State Senators listed below who voted against raising the Gas Tax. We encourage you to click HERE and contact each of them to thank him or her for their vote.

Here is the list of those State Senators who voted to increase the Gas Tax. We encourage you to click HERE and let him or her know your thoughts as well.


Be assured that we will continue to oppose raising the Gas Tax as it moves through the legislature and will work to let citizens of New Hampshire know how it will negatively affect them.


Looking forward to a great weekend at the Northeast Republican Leadership Conference

We are already set up and ready for a great weekend at the Northeast Republican Leadership Conference in Nashua! While there, we will be showcasing what we have been doing over the past year to advance the fiscal conservative values we know are imperative to building a strong New Hampshire.

If you plan on attending the event, be sure to stop by our booth, say hello, and find out how you can get involved with our organization.


Have you signed our petition?

Have you seen these elected officials? We certainly haven't.  

Like you, we find it deplorable that Senator Jeanne Shaheen, Rep. Carol Shea-Porter (NH-01) and Rep. Annie Kuster (NH-02) have gone out of their way to avoid Granite Staters. Out of fear of their ongoing support for a failing Obamacare, none of the aforementioned legislators have held a real Town Hall meeting in well over a year. In fact, Rep. Annie Kuster has never held a Town Hall meeting. Ever.

In a state that prides itself on being close to those whom are supposed to represent us, we are thoroughly disappointed in Senator Shaheen, Rep. Carol Shea-Porter, and Rep. Annie Kuster for hiding from New Hampshire residents.

That's why we have launched a petition calling on these three to finally hold a real Town Hall meeting where Granite Staters can ask them the tough questions. We deserve answers to why they continue to support a failing Obamacare, why they do nothing to stop our skyrocketing debt and deficits, and how voting to continue to raise taxes on middle-class families is for the good of our state and nation.

Click HERE to sign our petition. After signing it, be sure to forward it to your friends and family as well!
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Some humor for your Friday. Have a great weekend, Granite Staters!