NH Poetry Society - Statewide Student Writing Contest Open

Students who like to write poetry will have another chance for statewide recognition this year. The Poetry Society of New Hampshire (PSNH), in partnership with the New Hampshire Council of Teachers of English (NHCTE), is holding its annual poetry contest this spring. The contest is open to all young writers, in grades 1-8 (Junior Division) and in grades 9-12 (Senior Division). 

The winning poems from each division will be published in The Poets’ Touchstone, the nonprofit organization’s quarterly literary journal, according to PSNH President Kyle Potvin.  Winners will receive a free copy of the publication. Both competitions will be coordinated by published New Hampshire poets – the Junior Contest by Barbara Bald of Alton, and the Senior Contest by Tom Diegoli of Gorham. The deadline is April 30, which should give teachers plenty of time to make assignments related to April as National Poetry Month.

Entrants may submit up to three typed poems, with two copies of each submission. Teachers are encouraged to submit entries on behalf of their students as well.  The first copy should appear without any personal identification, and the second copy should have in the upper right-hand corner: student’s name, home address, email address, school’s name and address, and student’s grade in school. Each entry must have a signed statement certifying that the poem is original and has not been copied, in whole or in part, from any other author’s work. Theme and style are open. Additional guidelines and mailing instructions appear on the PSNH website at www.poetrysocietyofnewhampshire.org/contest.html.

“Rap, rhyme, or spoken word – every day kids experience poetry in many forms,” said Potvin.  “We invite New Hampshire students to share their unique voices with us, and we look forward to celebrating their work through our annual contest.”

For questions, please email: info@poetrysocietyofnewhampshire.org