NHDP: Karl Rove Spending $600,000 to Buy NH Senate Seat

Rove Joins Koch Brothers to Put Brown Back in the Senate to Represent Their Interests, not New Hampshire

Concord -- New Hampshire Democratic Party spokesman Harrell Kirstein issued the following statement after it was reported that Karl Rove is spending $600,000 on attack ads to help his candidate, Scott Brown:

“Karl Rove, like the Koch Brothers, thinks he can buy our Senate seat and put Scott Brown back in the Senate protecting big oil, Wall Street, millionaires and big corporations. That’s not good for New Hampshire and people here know it.  Karl Rove can’t buy New Hampshire.”

Rove's ad buy comes after the Koch Brothers poured more than $740,000 into attack ads to get Brown into the race. In total, out of state billionaires are now slated to spend more than $1.3 million on attacks to support Brown and buy enough Senate seats to get their agenda - privatizing Social Security, ending Medicare's guaranteed benefit for seniors and raising taxes on middle class families to pay for more tax breaks for big corporations, oil companies and millionaires.