ALG's Daily Grind - Chaffetz is tackling Internet sales-tax issue


March 18, 2014

Chaffetz is tackling Internet sales-tax issue
Online out-of-state retailers should compete on an equal playing field.

Slideshow: A Brief History of 'Climate Change'
In Newsweek's 1975 article "The Cooling World," award winning scientific reporter Peter Gwynne outlined how "ominous signs" of earth's cooling weather patterns were going to radically change the landscape and economic conditions of earth in only a few short years. Obama IRS Hires Al-Qaida Spy
"Mohammad Weiss Rasool, whom the FBI busted last decade for tipping off an al-Qaida terrorist suspect, reportedly now works for the deputy IRS chief financial officer as a financial management analyst, drawing a lucrative salary at taxpayer expense."