Boston Globe: ..."a criticism voiced by New Hampshire residents from across the political spectrum Saturday: Scott Brown is a carpetbagger."
Two Days Since Senator Shaheen Asked Brown to Join Her in Signing People’s Pledge and Still No Straight Answer from Brown

NHDP Welcomed Brown to New Hampshire with New Video Highlighting His Devotion to Massachusetts

Concord, NH—It’s been 48 hours since former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown (R-Big Oil) launched his exploratory committee for a New Hampshire Senate run, and things haven’t exactly as he planned.
Already, Granite State Republicans have lashed out against Brown, questioning what he is doing running for Senate in New Hampshire, highlighting his political opportunism, and calling him a carpetbagger.  Then, on a “listening” tour, which included a closed business and sparsely attended house party, Brown was caught defending the Big Oil special interests that have long funded his campaigns. All the while, he has been dodging questions on the People’s Pledge, responding instead with hypocritical attacks and dishonest excuses.
In case you missed it, here is a taste of what happened as Brown played tourist across New Hampshire this weekend:
First, Brown faced backlash from members of his own party. The Washington Post laid out the challenges Brown faces:
“A challenge for Brown is to convince Republican voters he is genuinely interested in being a U.S. senator from New Hampshire, not a political opportunist who was looking for the best path back to elected office/the national stage.”

Brown’s motives are still unclear. WaPo continued,
“Since being voted out of the Senate in 2012, Brown has been coy about his next move. He's hinted that he wants to be a bigger voice in he party and has even visited the other early presidential state, Iowa. Brown has to make clear from day one so that voters are convinced he's not just all in, but all in for New Hampshire.”
The New Hampshire Democratic Party released a new video highlighting Brown’s devotion to Massachusetts.
As Ari Melber of MSNBC points out:
“He has to convince [New Hampshire] voters that he is one of them.”
The Boston Globe wrote about GOP misgivings with Brown:
“Some conservative Republicans slammed Brown as a too-liberal ‘Taxachusetts RINO’ — Republican-in-name-only — and said his experience as a senator from Massachusetts is mostly a liability.”
The Globe also included some very harsh words from real Granite Staters:
“It’s going to be a close call. I’ll have to see what he’s really all about,” said Nick Peck, a 66-year-old Nashua resident, as he picked up some gun parts from Pete’s Gun & Tackle in Hudson. “I won’t vote for him just because I’m a Republican. I’m not going to give a vote to somebody who doesn’t deserve it.”

“If I go to New York and have a vacation home down there, I’m not a New Yorker,” Peck chuckled. “He’s not a New Hampshire person.”
Here is what members of his own party think about Scott Brown’s political opportunism:
Former Senator Bob Smith: “This won’t be won by money, or because you come from Massachusetts or the establishment is imposing you on the people and by playing games saying, ‘I’ll come down and be the hero.’”
…and more: "[Brown]’s anti-gun. He's anti-life. He voted for 'Romneycare' in the Massachusetts legislature and when it was convenient to vote against it, he voted against Obamacare in the U.S. Senate."
Former State Senator Jim Rubens: "The New Hampshire grassroots already rejects Washington-style politics, Washington centered health care plans so it is logical they will reject Washington candidates."
Valerie Earnshaw, chairwoman of the Republican Committee of Bedford: “In New Hampshire, you can’t act like a rock star, blowing in with all this fanfare and music. You have to get down and go door to door.”
Republican activist Dottie Price: “I don’t know what New Hampshire’s going to do with him. He has a home in Rye, but people don’t think of it as that. I think he’s going to have a tough road.”
Nashua Republican Rod Conard: “New Hampshire does not take well to people who sort of change camps. That will work against him.”
Then, on Brown’s first “campaign stop” he reportedly showed his true colors as a lackey for the Big Oil special interests who have long funded his campaigns, referring to the oil and gas industry as a job creator.  What he didn’t mention is that throughout his career, Brown has raked in more than $450,000 in campaign contributions from the industry only to turn around and protect the industry’s special tax breaks time and again.
Finally, Brown did everything he could to dodge questions about whether he would sign the People’s Pledge to keep outside spending by special interest groups out of the race and when he would debate Republican candidates actually from New Hampshire.
It was a rough start for a guy who preceded his exploratory committee with an 11 month long publicity tour.