OurAmericanInitiative - Join Gov. Gary Johnson for a live Tweet Chat Tuesday



Are you on Twitter?  Are there issues you would like to “chat” about?  If so, I hope you will join me Tuesday evening, March 18, for a live Tweet Chat.  I will be on Twitter for an hour beginning at 9:30 p.m. ET / 6:30 PT, and will respond to as many Tweets and questions as time allows.  


My personal Twitter handle is @GovGaryJohnson, and we will be using the hashtag: #GovGary.


From health care reform to the NSA to Ukraine, there is much to talk about -- and it is my hope that opportunities such as Tuesday night’s Tweet Chat will help to bring a true small government, liberty perspective to these and other critical debates.


I hope you will join me.  With more than 122,000 Twitter followers, I look forward to reaching a wide audience. If you don’t have a Twitter account, just go to twitter.com and create one. It’s easy.


This chat is only one of the many activities the Our America Initiative sponsors to help give individual freedom, real spending restraint and smaller government the voices they deserve as the politicians and policy-makers make decisions that impact each and every one of us.


Your support of Our America Initiative makes these efforts possible. With many critical policy decisions being made in Washington, DC, your support is more important than ever. Please take a moment to go to Our America and make a contribution, large or small, that will help restore liberty to the national agenda.


Thanks, and I look forward to “chatting” Tuesday night.



Gov. Gary Johnson

Honorary Chairman