Shaheen For US Senate - People's Pledge

Jeanne Shaheen

Dear Friends,

Pop quiz: Who said in 2012 that outside, third-party ads “are not good for the process”?
a) Herman Cain
b) Kelly Ayotte
c) Scott Brown

The answer, believe it or not? C. Scott Brown himself came up with the “People’s Pledge” he and Elizabeth Warren signed in 2012 to keep outside money from drowning out the voices of Massachusetts voters.

But now Brown’s refusing to sign the same pledge here in New Hampshire because he and everybody else knows the Koch brothers and Karl Rove – who’s going up on TV now with $650,000 in attacks on Jeanne – are flooding key Senate races trying to buy a Republican Senate. They’ll spend tens of millions trying to buy New Hampshire’s Senate seat.

It’s self-serving and hypocritical – and we need you to tell him so now.

Click here to demand Scott Brown sign a new, Granite State People’s Pledge today.

Brown’s reasons for refusing to sign the Pledge – that outside groups have already spent too much money in this race – is completely disingenuous. Outside spending here in New Hampshire is less than half of what it was at this point in the 2012 Massachusetts Senate race.

What’s more, the Pledge worked. An independent study by Common Cause showed that outside spending made up only 9% of total spending in Massachusetts, compared to more than 60% in the country’s next most expensive races – and negative ads were barely 40% of the total in Massachusetts, compared to an average of 84% in those other races.

The Pledge is a great idea – and Jeanne’s prepared to sign it today. So please, help us call on Scott Brown to do the same.

Click here to tell Scott Brown he should put New Hampshire voters ahead of the special interest groups trying to buy a Republican Senate – and sign the People’s Pledge today.

If Scott Brown would only show the voters in New Hampshire the same respect he did for those from Massachusetts, we could keep these dirty and despicable ads – run by groups who don’t even have to disclose their donors – out of this Senate race.

Thanks for standing with New Hampshire voters for a clean campaign.

Mike Vlacich
Campaign Manager