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BostonGlobe.com Political Headlines - March 19, 2014 

  • Russia reclaims Crimea as its own: ''In people's hearts and minds, Crimea has always been an integral part of Russia," Russian President Vladimir Putin said. Reporter and former Globe Moscow Bureau Chief David Filipov reports from Ukraine.


  • Wobbly US strengthens Russia: Columnist Jeff Jacoby says from the Kremlin's perspective, the bottom line is crystal-clear: American leadership in the world is weaker than it has been in decades.


  • Republican support for Baker runs deep: Pragmatism is overriding rigid ideology as rank-and-file Republicans from across the political spectrum rally behind gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker. State House Bureau Chief Frank Phillips reports.


  • Shaheen, Brown go on offense in N.H. race: Senator Jeanne Shaheen and Scott Brown took potshots at each other as the Senate campaign in New Hampshire heats up, reports political reporters Joshua Miller and Jim O'Sullivan.


  • Outrage at DCF misses the point: Columnist Farah Stockman writes that the Department of Children and Families is easy to demonize, but Mass. won't supply resources needed to protect kids.

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