“Scott Brown Has Barely Stopped Moving Since Announcing”; “Setting A Relentless Pace”; “The Best New Hampshire Candidate I Have Ever Seen”

WMUR’s James Pindell: “I spent all day with [Brown] on his first day on the campaign trail on Saturday. It was just him, his wife Gail, of course, in the truck, and I’m following them with my dog in the back, and he was – I got to say, I’ve been covering New Hampshire politics just for 12 years, for a dozen years: he is the best New Hampshire candidate I have ever seen.” (WGBH’s “Greater Boston,” 3/17/14)
·         Pindell: “In Dover, he met privately with a handful of activists. In Rochester, he stopped at a diner to shake hands and have lunch. In Wakefield, he parked his truck next to a barbershop and held court with those eating at a another small diner around closing time. In North Conway, he popped into shops, drank a local beer, and met with about 20 activists at in invite only gabfest.” (James Pindell, “Brown begins NH 'listening tour,” WMUR, 3/15/14)
Portsmouth Patch“Scott Brown has barely stopped moving since announcing on Friday that he was forming an exploratory committee to prepare a run for U.S. Senate here in New Hampshire.” (Marc Fortier, ‘Scott Brown's Whirlwind Tour of NH Continues,” Portsmouth Patch3/18/14)
·         “Over the weekend he visited homes, diners and candy shops across the state, and on Monday he made stops in Derry and Londonderry, attended St. Patrick's Day events in Salem and Manchester and capped off the day by takinga turn behind the bar at the Wild Rover Pub in the Queen City.” (Marc Fortier, ‘Scott Brown's Whirlwind Tour of NH Continues,” Portsmouth Patch, 3/18/14)
Berlin Daily Sun“Scott Brown Makes Whirlwind Tour Through North Country.” (Barbara Tetreault and Tom Eastman, “Scott Brown Makes Whirlwind Tour Through North Country,” Berlin Daily Sun, 3/17/14)
·         “Brown, accompanied by his wife Gail, stayed overnight Saturday at the Town and Country Inn and Resort in Shelburne where he reportedly got on stage and jammed with the house band. The next day, Brown stopped for lunch at the Northland Dairy Bar in Berlin with former state senator John Gallus. He moved around the restaurant, shaking hands with diners.” (Barbara Tetreault and Tom Eastman, “Scott Brown Makes Whirlwind Tour Through North Country,” Berlin Daily Sun, 3/17/14)
WMUR’s Adam Sexton: “[Brown] has really hit the ground running … so far Brown is setting a relentless pace. He finished out the night pouring pints at the Wild Rover in Manchester.” (WMUR, 3/17/14)
New Hampshire Public Radio’s Josh Rogers: “[Brown] worked the room, posed for pictures, and said voters across the country and here in his new home state of New Hampshire, want to toss Democrats from office for supporting  so-called Obamacare.” (Josh Rogers, “Scott Brown Makes The Rounds Through Vote-Rich Southern N.H,” New Hampshire Public Radio, 3/17/14)
The New Hampshire’s Phil Boynton: “I think a Brown candidacy can win in New Hampshire. He isn’t a bitter partisan. He’s a pragmatist – a man looking to bring people together and focus on common sense solutions to many of the daunting challenges facing our nation. He’s a traditional Republican; the kind of Republicans that once dominated all throughout New England. And Brown candidacy and victory in New Hampshire may bring about the Republican renaissance we sorely need.” (Phil Boynton, “From the Right: Scott Brown, New Hampshire and ObamaCare,” The New Hampshire3/18/14)
Franklin Mayor Ken Merrifield: “You can see the electricity in the room after hearing [Brown] speak today.” (WMUR’s 8 AM News, 3/15/14)
New Hampshire Citizen Joel Tuite: “Great guy, stand-up guy. Came over and met the family. It was a great experience.” (WMUR’s 11 PM News, 3/16/14)
New Hampshire Citizen Terry Cooper: “I think the chance to change things up is definitely called for.” (WFXT’s 10 PM News, 3/15/14)