CEI Today: Obama executive order, gov't secrecy, EPA vs the states, and more

Wednesday, March 19, 2014
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Forbes: 15,177 U.S. Executive Orders: President Barack Obama's Not The Only One With A Pen And Phone


It’s well known that President Obama pledges to use his “pen” and “phone” to implement a “year of action” with or without Congress.

There is some inexactness involved 
but the table I’ve assembled below reckons a total, overall, of 15,177 as of year-end 2013 (officially we’re at 13,659). Highlighting executive orders matters because decrees or fiats issued in a limited government context have different implications than executive orders in the activist government context that prevails now. > Read more

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DC Transparency Crisis: Big Government and Big Secrecy

Judicial Watch announced it will host a panel discussion: "DC Transparency Crisis: Big Government and Big Secrecy." Panelists include Mark Tapscott, Executive Editor of the Washington Examiner; Christopher C. Horner, Senior Fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute; and Daniel Epstein, Executive Director at Cause of Action.

Wednesday, March 19, Time: 2-3:30 pm ET
Washington, DC > Event info

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Globalwarming.org: Which Sovereign Merits Judicial Deference When State & Federal Governments Conflict under the Clean Air Act’s Cooperative Federalism Arrangement?

The Supreme Court now has an opportunity to resolve a dispute involving a Clean Air Act regulation known as Regional Haze. Its purpose is to improve visibility at national parks and federal wilderness areas. Because it is an aesthetic regulation—and not a public health regulation—Congress delegated an unusually high degree of authority to the States relative to the EPA. But EPA since 2009 has taken over 11 visibility programs from the States. The plight of one of these States — Oklahoma - is at issue in this legal dispute. > Read more

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Workplacechoice.org: Car Dealership Takes Advantage of Union Tactics

In Kansas, a car dealership has been able to capitalize on the bad public relations Big Labor has thrown its way. According to The Wichita Eagle:


the United Brotherhood Of Carpenters And Joiners Of America Local 201 began a standard protest outside Subaru of Wichita last week with a “Shame on Subaru of Wichita” sign legally placed on the highway right-of-way in front of the dealership.

Interestingly, the dealership turned the unwanted attention into advertising ploy. Next to the union sign reading, “Shame on Subaru of Wichita,” the dealership erected a sign exclaiming, “For Having Unbeatable Prices.”. > Read more

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