NHDP - Fmr. Mayor Ferrini: Portsmouth Supports Jeanne Shaheen

Don’t Let Wall Street and Big Oil Buy Our Senate Seat

Portsmouth, NH—As former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown plays tourist in New Hampshire, he keeps running into concerned New Hampshire residents who want to hold him to the same standard he set in Massachusetts when he signed the People’s Pledge in 2012.
“What Scott Brown will see in Portsmouth is that we support Jeanne Shaheen. Thanks to her work to secure funding for the Memorial Bridge, keep the shipyard open, and bring the KC-46A tanker to Pease, Portsmouth and the families that live here are better off,” said former Portsmouth Mayor Tom Ferrini. "We know Jeanne Shaheen is going to stand up to special interests and fight for us. Scott Brown has to prove that he will do the same. That means signing the same People's Pledge he signed in Massachusetts to keep Wall Street and Big Oil from buying our Senate seat."