US House Republican Conference - Obamacare Keeps Getting Worse!

House Republicans

A brand new Oliver Wyman study was released yesterday confirms Obamacare’s cuts to Medicare Advantage (MA) will lead to reduced care and higher costs for seniors.

  • MA will see a 5.9% reduction in payment in 2015.
  • These cuts may result in benefit reductions and premium increases of $35-$75.
  • Many seniors could lose access to MA.
  • These cuts disproportionately affect low-income beneficiaries.

Obamacare cuts—or guts—Medicare Advantage, the popular program that allows seniors to get their Medicare benefits through private insurers.” (Obamacare vs. Medicare, Jeffrey H. Anderson, Weekly Standard, 2/28/14)

The program has been cut repeatedly through the Affordable Care Act, which reduces the payments Medicare Advantage makes to insurers.” (Obama’s cut to Medicare program gets an estimate: 5.9 percent, Clara Ritger, National Journal, 2/27/14)

“The Obama administration announced the cuts last Friday. They are part of the broader cuts to Medicare that were included in the 2010 Affordable Care Act, with the money being used to support other parts of Obamacare.” (Health insurers detail raised premiums from Obamacare cuts to Medicare, Tom Howell Jr., Washington Times, 2/27/14)

Insurers say the proposed cuts could force them to pass on high costs to seniors.” (Republican committees tie Democrats to proposed Medicare Advantage cuts, Dana Davidsen, CNN, 2/26/14)

The Affordable Care Act was expressly designed to restrict this successful and increasingly popular George W. Bush program that now provides 28% of seniors with private insurance options.” (The Medicare Advantage Democrats, Editorial, Wall Street Journal, 2/19/14)